Find Out What Prices Homes In West Orlando Are Selling For In Your Subdivision

FREE List Of Recent Home Sales And Active Listings In Your West Orlando Subdivision

If you’re selling your home here in West Orlando in the next 6-12 months, then what you do right now can make a difference of thousands of dollars

What you do in the months before you actually list your home to sell is what will make the biggest difference in how much you can sell your home for.
Thing is, most of the smart things you can do right now to set yourself up for selling at top dollar should be pretty simple.

What can help figure out the next best steps is my  2020 Report on West Orlando  Home Prices.
I’ll also include a list of all homes right now for sale right or sold in the last 6 months in your neighborhood.
With this in hand you’ll be able to get a “ballpark” idea of what homes like yours are selling for right now. At least when comparing curb appeal.

If you didn’t know it already… in our community, home prices can change dramatically from month to month, subdivision to subdivision and even street to street.
If you’re thinking about selling within the next 6 months, now is the time to start prepping.
A few simple fixes and cost-effective upgrades can make a difference of thousands of dollars.

So first, get a ball park’ idea of what homes like yours are selling for in our community.
I’ll also make some suggestions for where to start when prepping to sell your home.